I'm a work in progress, like all of us are.  I love singing, writing songs, and painting, among a whole lot of other things, which will probably reveal themselves as this website evolves.


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circa mid 60's

circa mid 60's

Je m'appelle Lucie Walker.  I was born in Montreal, and currently live in Vancouver, BC.  I have always been a singer, starting my career with studio sessions, singing radio & tv commercials.  


Pic, above:  Getting ready to sing at Merritt Mountain Music Festival in 1994.  I was scared. to. death. 

It took a few years to overcome shyness to get on stage, and as an introvert, I have to say I still prefer recording, though I've been known to come alive on stage, too, so who's to say?  How it feels and how it looks are apparently two different things.  


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