NEW ART - 2023

From fairies and mermaids, to memories and moments in time, I use acrylic and oil paint, as well as clay and papier mache to express creatively.  As well, I'm an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique -- or, "that tapping thing") -- and have written an e-book that assists in overcoming creative blocks.  It is called, Follow Your Art with EFT, and is available on Amazon. 

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"At the Bar" c lucie walker 2023 Original acrylic painting 10"x10" leaner on thin wood panel $85 plus s&h Please note that shipping to the US is rather expensive. These are thin boards, but in a padded envelope, they count as a package. Expect $15–$17 shipping. Still -- it keeps an original piece of artwork under $100 :) Thank you

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Back when I first started painting, I was invited to an art opening at a coffee shop. A friend had convinced me to check out the place, since she thought that I might like to show my paintings there one day.  I was so new at painting, I was pretty sure my art wouldn’t be “good enough”. I agreed to quietly go and see.  

When I got there, I was stunned to see a series of framed stick figures painted on wooden panels, hanging on all the walls. Milling about the room were dozens of smiling people holding wine glasses. There were also lots of red “sold” dots on the art.  

I just blinked at everything a couple times and thought maybe I could show my art here, after all.  The stickman painter called himself an artist, and he did me a great favor that day.

I get it now: You paint to express, because you have something to say, and your voice deserves a mode of transportation in order to express.  Hop on the brush and ride.

If you need a nudge and some handy Emotional Freedom Techniques to help you along, my 125 page ebook is now available on Amazon!