Star in your own Coquette Video!  This look and feel, but with you,and with the text of your choice if you wish to use it as a greeting.  Imagine your Tinder now!  lol!  &75 & up

How? you ask.  It's the height of social distancing, really! 

STEP 1:  You put your phone sideways and hit record! Why sideways?  This puts your phone in "Landscape" mode and uses all of the available space to capture your video.  Otherwise, in "Portrait" mode, you would get 2 black bars on either side of your narrow video.  So it is to fill the screen. 

You, as the subject, are acting out anything you've thought of that can fit inside a minute.  You could be 

STEP 2:  send me a short video of yourself and I'll turn it into a short Coquette Video for you! It can be comedic, sexy, anything you like (within reason!) You can use your phone camera, as long as you film with your phone sideways in landscape mode.  Either send me a link to a shared Dropbox folder, or We Transfer me a link to your file.  Etransfer the payment and we're done!  Fast turnaround! Rate is for aprox length that you see here, and goes up depending on a few variations.  Contact me & we'll talk! xo