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Well you used to love me tender baby used to love me true
Send me dirty mail that made me crawl all over you
I’d wear a sexy something and I’d show up at your door
You’d drag me in and keep me going til I begged for more
Hard to tell which one of us had the bigger appetite
It’s like we both drank gasoline the fire’d burn all night

Yeah well it’s different now since I moved in
So much for the promise of depravity and sin
I see long distance love in your lonely eyes
You’re in the other room but Honey might as well be miles
Yeah it’s all different now
It’s all different now

I got a dirty little secret and I'm keepin’ it for mine
All that lovin’ all that kink and all them bottles o’ wine
I watch you take them private calls I listen to your lies
You think you got me fooled but Daddy Mama can ready your mind
It tears me up to know you found a second number one
I close my eyes cuz I can’t stand to see you havin’ fun

All the leaves have fallen and the heat has turned to cold
I never dreamed a love gone dry could make me feel so old
You still want me as your entrée but you keep her on the side
I might be a romantic fool but baby I ain’t blind
Why do I put up with all the lonely nights when I
Could be serving up my sweet stuff with another guy

'Cause it's all different now since I moved on
So much for the tears I cried from C this love goin wrong
You see another love in my happy eyes
You’re in the rear view mirror now and you’re the reason why
that it’s all different now, it's all different now, it's all different now...
It’s all different now