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Vocals: Lucie Walker
Pedal Steel - Andre Coco McGraw
Acoustic Guitar - Bernie Morissette
Bass - Bruce Morrison
Drums - James 'Hollywood' Badger (RIP)
Re-mixed & mastered by Brian Campbell (Wizard Sound Services)


Love Has Found Me © Lucie Walker

When my heart is achin’ and there’s nothin’ left to hide
There is no mistaking this feeling deep inside
you just come a little closer and I will let you in
And together we can let go the pain that we’ve been in

When life pushes back real hard
and you feel you might be losin’ your way
Sleep won’t come and old memories call your name
I’ll help you see they’ve got nothin’ new to say

Soothe me with your body, and baby take your time
Lighten up the darkness weighin’ heavy on my mind, yeah
Hold me in your arms, there’s nothing I want more
Let me be your harbor, baby, your ship is on my shore

Every single heartache, oh and every single tear
Everything that brought me down
Is what has brought you near
I knew that love would find me, oh I knew you’d come around
But I never knew how lost I was until I was found