Je m'appelle Lucie Walker.  Born in Montreal, I now live in beautiful, rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. 


Like most anyone, I love the depth of music, and where it takes me.
 I have an appreciation for every kind of music --  from rap to opera -- but when it comes to my own singing and songwriting, I personally lean towards jazz and country.  I love where jazz takes my voice, and sometimes writing that hurtin' country lyric is just the thing.  

I grew up singing, learning a lot of what I know about it from being in an award-winning choir (St. Peter's, London Ontario.)  Of course, there have been many fantastic, talented mentors along the way and I hold them all dear.

My style is more on the impressionist side, and often travels between subjects like fairies and mermaids, to memories and moments in time. Typically, I use acrylic and oil paint, and have been known to bust out the clay once in a while because sculpting is fun, too.  And so is papier mache.  :)  Also, I have written an e-book titled Follow Your Art with EFT. It is available here.

I took up video editing in 2020 as a way to continue with music during the pandemic. In the absence of live shows, I continued writing and recording but instead of in the studio, I moved online, working remotely with musicians to record their part.  Additionally, I asked if they could record while capturing video. Mostly, video of themselves recording the song, but in a few videos, some acting was in order!  We all just use cell-phones for the most part. I learned a software to edit together the footage -- including my own -- and the music videos came together. 


Video editing, as it turns out, seems to tie together my skills and interests of graphic and web design, photography, painting and color -- videos are moving websites.  Moving documents.  Expressing this way has become a driving passion in my life, and I'm always up for discussing your project.
Write to me, I love hearing from you.  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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