Je m'appelle Lucie Walker.  Born in Montreal, I now live in beautiful, rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

I could happily stay quiet amid a crowd of people, but I always have a burning need to express what I quietly absorb.

I love the depth of music, and where it takes me.
 I appreciate it all --  from rap to opera -- and personally lean towards jazz and country.  Sometimes, singing jazz is like going to a playground for my voice, and sometimes writing that hurtin' country lyric is just the thing.  

I grew up singing, learning a lot of what I know about it from being in an award-winning choir (St. Peter's, London Ontario).  Of course, there have been many fantastic, talented mentors along the way and I hold them all dear.

My style is more on the impressionist side, and often travels between underworld -- like fairies -- to underwater -- mermaids.  There's a real affinity there.  Also, to appease my pervasive ennui, I paint memories and moments in time. Typically, these moments in time belong to the painted women in thought, pondering their situations and feeling through their next logical steps. *soundscoughfamiliarcoughcough*

I took up video editing in 2020 as a way to continue with music in the absence of live shows,
and this has evolved into editing music videos for other bands and artists.  It also lead to a deep appreciation for not performing publicly for the time being, and instead, groovin' along in the background at my own pace.  Amen, Friends.  Whatever that is for you, find it and own it.

Write to me, I love hearing from you.  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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