Video editing field trip at Hotel Vancouver

I've been in two bands in the past 10 years:  

Lonesome Sinners which I formed with soulful bluesman Steve Hinton (with Bruce Morrison on bass, Doug Carr on guitar, and James Hollywood Jimmie (RIP) on drums.  


Following that was Lucie Walker Walker Band (or as friends fondly referred to it: Lucie *!# Walker Band) with Les Toth on guitar, John Texas Haynes on pedal steel - later James Lewis on acoustic guitar and pedal steel, Mike Ellerbeck on bass, and Sandy Sandybone Smith on drums.


Before all of that, way back between '93-2010: Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker - It took Steve six years to get me to perform on stage due to my shyness, but once we got going, we did it with all our hearts, touring Canada and recording 2 CDs.

Some of my photography

Back in the day with the Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker Duo

Various stills from music videos