I recorded two cds ('Straight Up' in 2000 and 'What Do You Want' in 2009) as part of "Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker".
All the reviews below are for 'Straight Up'. We never submitted 'What Do You Want' for reviews, but still, we thought it was pretty good! :) You can hear them/purchase both cds below. 


The Muse's Muse Review 
"On the CD Straight Up, Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker have put together a fun record full of what they call 'rockincountryblues' and I can't improve on that description. You get to swing, rock, two-step and slide through ten well crafted songs. Nashville better take notes because the “North of the Border” Canadian players and production on this record leave nothing to be desired of a Nashville or Austin sound..."

Twangsville Review 
"Maybe the highlight is the vocals of Lucie Walker. What a sexy sweet and slick voice, that gal can sing. But don't get me wrong, this disc has a fair bit going for it. There are enough changes of style and pace to keep you interested while listening. .." 

Roots Revival Radio, Belgium 
This is country music like they don’t make anymore in Nashville. They wrote all the songs themselves. Up-tempo songs (Feel the Fires Rage, Tumblin’ Down) are varied with mid-tempo songs (A Girl Would Have to Be a Fool, It’s All Right) and nice ballads (Borderline, No Winner Takes All). They save the best for last : The Truth is In Your Eyes is a great country-blues song. Listening to Steve and Lucie reminds me of the Woodys and Buddy and Julie Miller. This is a great cd for every country music lover.  

"I received this CD with quite a nice press kit for a self-released effort and it brought my attention to it. Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker base themselves in Vancouver, BC and are making a very good name for themselves. They play an honest style of country music and they both share vocals making Straight Up a very diverse country album. . . Keep an eye out for Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker."  

Freight Train Boogie  
"The title of this new CD is amazingly apt . . . This CD is all straight up roots rock and country with none of the poppy frills found on a lot of other so-called Americana artists' releases . . . Fans of (Buddy and Julie) Miller will like this, as it covers a lot of the same musical terrain, but fans of pure country will probably like this a little more as the frills are gone and the marvelous songs hold up on their own, without too much showing off of any type. A very good CD."  

Alex Browne, The Peace Arch News: 
"You only have to listen to Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker once to realize that they’re the real thing... 
The combination of Elliott’s rocking guitar and rough edged passionate vocals and Walker’s pure-toned yet wonderfully warm voice and her sensitive way with a lyric has a genuineness about it that puts more carefully contrived country acts to shame. These are real people who sing about real people.Straight Up expands on their live appeal without losing any of its essence." 

My Kind of Country 
Review by Marlene SlaterIndie-Music.com Review by Les ReynoldsRockzillaworld.com Review by William Michael Smith 
"The bottom line is, somewhere along the line, Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker came together to make music. I can only believe that it was meant to be. Their sound is unlike any other, their talents, respectively combined, know no boundries. With its broad-based appeal, "Straight Up" is one of those albums that will enrich any music lover's collection."  

Les Reynolds, Indie-Music.com
". . .The long and short of it is just this: This CD has several smash hit possibilities -- commercial, Top 40, mainstream country radio. There's every reason in the world for it to happen. " 

". . . Straight Up, another album pointed out to us by Australian disc jockey Eric Black ("Blue Country Radio"), is a warm, friendly, unpretentious, imminently listenable roots rock Americana album full of roadhouse jump and grab-your-partner, dim-lights, slow-dance tunes that would fit in the Broken Spoke or Ginny's Little Longhorn as well as any of the current Austin faves. . ."  

John P. McLaughlin, The Province: 
"With a loose, rootsy feel, Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker seem to be having a heck of a good time!" 

Gert Fridlund, Hallandsposten, Sweden: 
"Spicy countryfunk!10 great original compositions.This Vancouver duo has certainly found a fresh country concept, easily moving between hectic countrysurf and a nice touch of laid-back bluegrass.  
Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker are 100 % present on this passionate recording!" 

Fred Smith, Scene Magazine  
"They call their music "Rockin' Country Blues" but all their tunes reveal deep country roots. A tasteful steel guitar and fiddle embellish a mixture of 10 original tunes ranging from the rockin' 'It's a Cruel Cruel World' to ballads like 'Borderline'.  
Straight Up features great harmonies and superb musicianship, so if you like your country on the contemporary side, you can't go wrong picking up this CD. In fact, you can even dance to it!" 

Tom Everett, Hardcore Country CHRW 94.7 FM 
"It’s a very, very good record...they are to be congratulated!"